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Dear Stranger

An Example of the letters we send out for last months kindness mission!

Dear Stranger,

Hello from Syracuse! Happy Valentines Day! Or if you don’t believe in celebrating valentines day, then just hello. How are you? I haven’t written a letter in a very long time – I actually really enjoy writing letters but it seams like no one really sends them anymore. We are losing a lot of our previous ways of connecting. Especially to strangers.

One of my favorite things about letters is when you start reading them and the person writing begins by telling you exactly where they are, what they are doing and what they can see. To set the scene.

I am at my desk in my small office. It faces the wall.

The wall is covered with a ton of notes – Cork Board first laid out with hundreds of colorful tacs holding notes and letters in place. There is a picture of my cousin Lola who was born just before Thanksgiving and some antique postcards from a trip I took to visit my Aunt when I was 16 years old. I can also see a folded origami fish made by a friend of mine who mailed it with my Driver’s License that I left at her apartment last time I visited New York City.

Around my corkboard are notes on everything I want to do with my time. They are color-coded. Apparently I like colorful things a lot. There is also a calendar and on that calendar for today’s date it says “Write a Letter to a Stranger.” So I am writing to you. Hello!

I think its really important that we all remember how special we are. Like really important and meaningful. I care about you. I don’t know you at all, but I care about you because you represent the potential for a new friend, or someone to rescue me from a bad day. Or someone I can help with something. Giving is its own gift.

I don’t want to be selfish and tell you I care about you only because of the things you might be able to do for me. I care about you because you can create something meaningful if you want – or you can just do what you do everyday and I am sure you will affect many people.

I want to write you a letter that makes you feel really good. Because you are really good. So I am trying to think of things to say that will make you happy – but since I don’t know you I don’t know what pieces of things you are wanting more of in your life. But whatever those pieces are – they will come. Especially if you look for them. Fate is strange that way – I think you have to sort of put yourself out there. So do that. That’s my piece of advice.


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